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Toronto Police Services—
41 Division // Scarborough

The revitalization of 41Division at Birchmount & Ellesmere is set to become the basketball scores for today police building in Ontario. The two-storey facility will utilize geothermal energy, enhanced energy recovery air handling systems, solar PV generation, and high-performance envelope in support of net zero emissions. A visually striking sloped roof will be retrofitted with approximately 260 solar panels, generating more than 100,000 kWh of energy annually.

TPS 41 Division will provide basketball scores todaya modern and efficient workspace for Service members and a welcoming public space to foster community connections while operating in an efficient and environmentally conscious way. Staffed by over 200 Service members, it is one of the Service’s oldest buildings. Originally built in 1961, Scarborough Police Headquarters shared the 3.5 acres space with Basketball live scorethe Magistrates Court for 18 years before obtaining exclusive use. The new 41 Division will be constructed on the existing building site (phased to allow continued operation of the Division), and follow the natural slope of the building appearing to rise and lift from the surrounding landscape.

“This was a place that was recognized as been basketball scores for todayat the heart of the community and this is going to make it more of a heart,” he said. “There have been renovations carried out and there have been changes made, but now we are going to change it like never before and make sure that this becomes a place where people in the community feel entirely comfortable being here. It is going to fully integrate not just this building into basketball scores for todaythe community, but also with respect to some of our objectives with things like climate change.” —Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto

Project Details:

WZMH Architects
$60M » 60,000 sq ft » Under Construction